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What's instant@larm?

Synthetic monitoring

instant@larm is a synthetic website and application monitoring service which is carried out using a scripted real web browser. The service is able to identify problems and determine if a website or application is slow or experiencing downtime before it affects actual end-users or customers.

Server locations worldwide

Measuring with externally based servers, from several different locations in the world including USA, Brazil, Europe, Australia, Singapore and Japan. The servers are high-end quality servers running at a high-availability hosting center with no third party software or browser plugins installed.

Several different graphs and reports

Simplicity is the philosophy behind instant@larm. All the collected data is presented in manageable graphs and reports, which then can be used for documentation as well as for internal and external use. It's possible to generate graphs to show data like Time-to-first-Byte (TTFB), Time-to-Render (TTR), Document Complete and Fully Loaded

Detailed measurement data

instant@larm is able to gather detailed performance metrics which includes Time-to-first-Byte (TTFB), Time-to-Render (TTR), Document Complete and Fully Loaded. New features coming up: record a video of the rendering in the browser and export the HAR-file.

100 % independent monitoring

Digicure is neither a hosting partner nor Internet provider. We do not sell or have any partners selling software or hardware solutions. We only provide a SaaS service to monitor web performance and consulting work within web performance optimisation.

Immediate alerts

When instant@larm detects that the performance on your website or application does not comply with the threshold or user-flow you have set, an SMS and/or e-mail is sent to the users. instant@larm includes an unlimited numbers of SMS and/or e-mail alerts.

Monitor API, SMTP, FTP, CITRIX and even User-flows

instant@larm is able to monitor an API but also SMTP, FTP and CITRIX services. Furthermore instant@larm is also able to measure critical business processes (for example, ordering procedures, login transaction, etc.) using a real browser.

Verify Service Level Agreement

It is possible to enter a SLA (Service Level Agreement) for a measurement's Time-to-first-Byte (TTFB), Time-to-Render (TTR), Document Complete, Fully Loaded, Page Size and number of HTTP requests, which can be automatically verified by instant@larm.

Unlimited number of users

It's possible to create an unlimited numbers of users to instant@larm. This includes employees, partners and everyone who's interested in the web performance data.


The instant@larm API contains all the essential features, like creating a new monitoring job, export data, stop/start monitoring job, change settings, verify SLAs and view the status of all your monitoring jobs around the globe.

Mobile Apps

With the Mobile Apps you'll be able to see your Dashboard, view performance data, change user/monitoring settings and see all the events the monitoring jobs has been collecting - while you're on the move. The Mobile Apps are available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone

TimeZone feature

With the TimeZone feature within the instant@larm portal, it's very clear when an event occured. You're able to switch your graph and report view, to show your own TimeZone or Location TimeZone, with one single click


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Digicure offers a wide range of services in IT security, surveillance and performance testing of websites. Since the establishment of Digicure in 2002, we've helped more than 1000 companies of all sizes to obtain ongoing scrutiny and analysis of their IT security and web performance.

Digicure uses a variety of the most respected methodological tools, and in 2008 Digicure achieved a PCI (Payment Card Industry) certification. Today, Digicure assists a wide range of e-commerce companies in securing their IT systems and preventing credit card fraud.

We understand that for all of our customers, IT security and web performance is of utmost importance. Any affiliation with Digicure is always based on the needs of the customer, throughout the entire process.

Digicure is Danish, and 100 per cent unbiased. The company is owned and managed by Jesper Helbrandt.